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Virtual Patent Marking Software by Terrifio

Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Patents

Virtual patent marking offers numerous advantages that enhance your patent strategy.

Cost & Time Saving

Turn Infringing Competitors Into Revenue

Increase potential damages payouts, turning infringing competitors into a source of future revenue through much higher calculations (back up to 6 years) of otherwise owed damages.

Increase Potential Damages

Gain Settlement Leverage Against Competitors

Enter settlement negotiations with infringing competitors in a stronger position when you have up to 6 years of damages built before your competitor even receives a cease and desist letter from you.

Increased Settlement Negotiation Leverage

Increase Patent Portfolio Valuations

Enhance the value of your U.S. patent portfolio, making it more attractive for investment and for use as collateral in securing IP-backed financing opportunities.

Increased Settlement Negotiation Leverage

Reduce Legal Fees and Operational Costs

Save on legal expenses with shorter negotiation periods, resulting in fewer billable hours, while avoiding costly updates to product marking each time your portfolio changes.

Comprehensive Tools for Your Complete Control

Our platform offers a range of features that streamline your virtual patent marking process.

Cost & Time Saving

Automated Data Management

Automatically make required changes to your patent marking webpage, helping to keep your information up to date without relying on IT to make the changes for you.

Increase Potential Damages

Change Tracking and Litigation Support

Receive an ongoing, real-time historical audit of your patent marking activity which is invaluable when relying on your patent marking in an infringement case.

Increased Settlement Negotiation Leverage

Scalable Cloud Hosting

Implement our cloud-based infrastructure to manage your patent and product information from anywhere with easy access and user-friendly workflows.

Tailored for Portfolios of all Sizes

Our solution meets a range of needs from startups to large corporations.

Cost & Time Saving

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate our system and reduce the administrative burden on your team, minimizing disruptions and maximizing efficiency.

Increase Potential Damages

Regulatory Compliance

Enhance compliance with the America Invents Act, with the aim to avoid costly mistakes that derail your patent marking program.

Increased Settlement Negotiation Leverage

Expert Advisory & Support

Access our network of experts for guidance and support, ensuring you get the most out of our platform and your virtual patent marking strategy.

Elevate Your Virtual Patent Marking

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