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Our Mission

Our mission is to democratize virtual patent marking by breaking down the barriers to adoption and address the risks of self-managed virtual patent marking to ultimately become the global leader in virtual patent marking technology.

Our Core Values

User-centered design

Terrifio Markr places a strong emphasis on user-centered design, which means putting the needs of the users at the forefront of its product development process. This includes conducting user research, testing and iterating on the platform to ensure that it is intuitive, efficient, and easy-to-use.
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Data-driven decision making

Terrifio Markr values data-driven decision making, which means using data and analytics to inform its product development, marketing, and business strategy. This ensures that the platform is constantly improving and evolving to meet the changing needs of its users.
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Terrifio Markr values and encourages innovation, in the services and technology it offers. This means staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of intellectual property and using cutting-edge technology to provide more efficient and effective services.
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About Terrifio

Terrifio Markr was born out of a recognition that virtual patent marking is underutilized by patent owners. While virtual patent marking (VPM) has many benefits, such as reducing the cost of traditional patent marking programs, and providing real-time information to customers, many patent owners struggle to adopt it due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the process. There are many barriers of entry to virtual patent marking, by not knowing where to start or what is required to manage it correctly. Patent owners can often be aware of the benefits of VPM, but struggle with understanding the scale of the commitment in both time and personnel to get started, while not being able to get a fix on risks and negative outcomes.

Co-founder of Terrifio Markr, Jim Gastle, a Registered Patent Agent in Canada and the US with over 30 years of experience in the industry, realized that many of the barriers to adopting VPM could be addressed with a purpose-built technology dedicated to make the process as easy and accessible as possible. With input from US counsel throughout the process, Terrifio Markr was built with the goal of simplifying VPM for patent owners. The platform offers patent owners an easy and affordable way to virtually mark their patented products, and also keep the information up-to-date and accurate.

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Meet the Terrifio Team

Jim Gastle
Co-Founder & Registered Patent Agent in Canada and USA

Before co-founding Terrifio, Jim spent 25+ years representing corporate, academic, and independent clients in a wide range of scientific fields. His firm, GASTLES, managed Canadian patent portfolios for several multinationals in the automotive, industrial lighting, and hospitality fields.

Alex Gastle

Alex Gastle is a multi award-winning, tech founder behind 2 different marketing technology platforms before co-founding Terrifio. During this time Alex has immersed himself in the industry from a startup, growth and scaling perspective resulting in large clients including household names like General Mills from the Fortune 500.