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12 Ways You Can Start Making Mone Tips to Create an Effective for Increased Efficiency For Law Firmsy With Your Blog

12 Ways You Can Start Making Mone Tips to Create an Effective for Increased Efficiency For Law Firmsy With Your Blog

by admin

If you have been reading our articles then you may be aware of the Client Intake Form; you should ensure that the Client Intake Process is a smooth, effective experience for the client as well as for the firm.

Here are some tips to create an effective Legal Client Intake Form and Process for Increased Efficiency:

1-Remember that the key point of a Client Intake Form is to make it easy to attract and keep clients. Continuing those client relations is imperative as it means that there is a potential for them to refer the firm to other potential clients.
Schedule follow up appointments with the client; asking the client, on the Client Intake Form, what consistent day/date they would be comfortable with having a monthly/bimonthly follow up meeting.

2-To achieve the above the firm must make it easy for potential clients to contact the firm.
You can do so by adding links that redirect the client to the firm’s email, the firm’s working telephone number and call-to-action buttons. It is for this reason that getting the client’s direct contacts is imperative.
If they wish to schedule a meeting with the firm (even after filling the form out) through applications such as Google calendar. This removes the back-and-forth hassle that comes with email.

3-As stated in previous articles it is not enough to rely on the Client Intake Form or Process alone, you have to follow up and check on the website.
We have written a Client Intake Checklist that firms should consider. One of our recommendations was to hire a legal intake specialist.
It is helpful as it ensures that there is someone/a team keeping tabs on the form and the number of clients that are frequenting the site. This also prevents a backlog of information as well as the website is consistently being checked on (up to date).

4-Something to consider is the software you use for the Client Intake Form (integration). Using different software for different purposes may lead to information being scattered rather than streamlined.
If you wish to separate the Client Intake Form from your firm’s website then you can look into applications like CloudLex. The CloudLex app allows the user to automatically update intake information/cases. It makes management and collection of the client’s documents, direct contacts and other related/required documents easier.

5-Efficiency is an important concept to consider by firms, confidentiality is also an important concept to consider. Applications like Lexicata allow users the option of end-to-end encryption for e-signatures.
On this note, methods of data protection should be considered by the firm to ensure the client their privacy – that their personal and professional information will not fall into the wrong hands
Clients and firms can eliminate the need to physically go to the office to sign documents. It is convenient and effective for the individual and they can save their signature on the site for future use.

6-A Client Intake Form is of no use if you do not have clients to target. If your existing clients do not refer your services to other companies and individuals then you have to learn the best marketing strategies for the firm.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a good way of doing so; paying for advertising spots is also an option a firm can consider. You can even add a question in the Client Intake Form asking the client where they heard about you from (to get a better understanding of your client base).



Technological advancements are ever-changing; firms will have to keep up with these advancements. Law firms should be able to keep up with finding ways of bettering their customer service.

Being able to ensure smooth, efficient and effective working relations are imperative.

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Jim Gastle

Jim is a Registered Patent Agent in Canada and the USA, virtual patent marking strategist as well as a Co-founder of Terrifio Before co-founding Terrifio, jim spent 25+ years representing corporate, academic, and independent clients in a wide range of scientific fields. His firm, GASTLES, managed Canadian patent portfolios for several multinationals in the automotive, industrial lighting, and hospitality fields. His expertise has been features in industry publications such as IAM,, ABA, and Law360. You can visit Jim’s LinkedIn profile here.